Wednesday, 25 November 2009


she keeps quiet inside
stay still alone in a dark unknown place
where she has no light to guide her out

she wants to go out but
she can not move
she can not go away
she has to stay still
because she afraid of darkness
she afraid what she might hit
will cause hurt to her

it's dark in there
she couldn't see anything but a door
she knows that outside is better than inside
she can see light behind the door
she can see shadows behind the door

she's hoping that the shadows will open the door
and help her who is shouting
but no one heard her
few shadows come and go away
some knocked some stood still
but none open

so there she stay
waiting for someone to bring her away
waiting for someone to guide her out
from the darkness she afraid of

she's waiting for someone, not just to knock
but to open the door
because she won't move
afraid the darkness won't let her go

now the girl knows she has to go out
away from that dark place
because someone has knocked and
someone has open the door
the door of her heart

Monday, 16 November 2009


Abstract thoughts.
Loves reality and abstract.
Intelligent and clever.
Changing personality.
Quiet, shy and humble.
Honest and loyal.
Determined to reach goals.
Loves freedom.
Rebellious when restricted.
Loves aggressiveness.
Too sensitive and easily hurt.
Gets angry really easily but does not show it.
Dislike unnecessary things.
Loves making friends but rarely shows it.
Daring and stubborn.
Realizing dreams and hopes.
Loves entertainment and leisure.
Romantic on the inside not outside.
Superstitious and ludicrous.
Tries to learn to show emotions.

what does your birthday say about you-facebook

Stubborn and hard-hearted.
Strong-willed and highly motivated.
Sharp thoughts.
Easily angered.
Attracts others and loves attention.
Deep feelings.
Beautiful physically and mentally.
Firm Standpoint.
Needs no motivation.
Easily consoled.
Systematic (left brain).
Loves to dream.
Strong clairvoyance.
Sickness usually in the ear and neck.
Good imagination.
Good physical.
Weak breathing.
Loves literature and the arts.
Loves traveling.
Dislike being at home.
Not having many children.
High spirited.
p/s: yang d bold kan tuh betul. yang tak tuh 50-50. hahah

Thursday, 12 November 2009

sambungan cerita

ok, don't waste time. continue with my next story. LEGAL ROADTRIP pulakk. hehe.

well, this time our parents knew about it. so, no worries.

but i do admit there are some ILLEGAL things that we did during this legal roadtrip. lol. *tu la, dah biasa buat kerja jahat. haha*

anyway, this roadtrip was between me, nadzirah (nad) and adibah (adib).

we planned this trip dah lama dah but baru-baru nih je ada kesempatan.

it happened on 25th of oct 2009. 3 days 2 nights at adib's house. on 24th nad came to sleep at my house. on 25th we gerak by bus. sani express. pukul 8.30 pagi bertolak and 6.15 pm sampai. gila lama kan? sebab that &^%*!/ bus waited so long for few people yang tertinggal bas. huh, menyusahkan kitaorang.

well,shortcut, we didn't go anywhere on the day we arrived because we were so damn tired. the next day early in the morning after breakfast, we went out to the muzium. saja nak masuk. *ada budak sekolah nak ambil gambar dengan aku. gila kelakar. then i was like, ok la, ye la.* hehe. we did also went to kota bharu mall, pantai, jalan-jalan KB and stuff. cuci mata lahh. lol. it was fun though. :))

then on 28th of oct 2009 we left kelantan at 9.30 am and arrived at 6.30 pm. jalan sesak because hujan that's why lewat sampai shah alam. my mum brought 2 cars because the three of us will leave shah alam to seremban straight away. kejar masa kan. (because ada plan lain. lol)

how my mum brought 2 cars aa? weird uh? hehe. my mum drove 1 car and my brother below me drove another car. *although he didn't has any license yet because he is only 16 years old, he looks matured. so, pandai-pandai cover laa. ;)

then we gerak to 'seremban' at 6.50 pm and yayyy plan jalan dengan lancar! huhu

well, what happened on that night. cannot tell. sorry people. don't worry. nothing jahat-sangat thing happened. just lepak-lepak only. kan nad? kan adib? LOL!

malam tuh yang illegal things we did tapi tak lahh melampau sangat. seriously. lepak-lepak only. i call it illegal because we overnight. our parents didn't know that we overnight. nad's parents thought that we sleep at my house since we arrived late and we will go the next morning. on the other hand, my parents and adib's parents thought that nad's parents want to buy us dinner and that's why we have to go straight away malam tu jugak.


(ma,pa, nanti kakak da kahwin baru kakak cerita benda-benda jahat nih ye) hehe

anyway, things went well that night. the days that we spent at nad's place was fun jugak laa. *adib suka gila. lol*

we went to JJ, terminal one, lepak-lepak, jalan-jalan, KLIA and macam-macam tempat. fun! :))

her parents did brought us to dinner at this one uncle's place and another one, aunty ani's (kalau tak silap nama laa) place. thanks uncle.thanks aunty. :)) the foods was sangat memuaskan.

then on 31st, my house pulakk. my mum masak kari kepala ikan time tuh. adib and nad makan banyak! my mum puas hati gila tengok dua orang tuh. hehe.

then the next day on 1st nov, i brought them to klang then sunway. the next day, we went to KL. i brought them naik public tansport. from my house naik bas rapid kl to kl sentral. then from kl sentral to time square naik monorail. *since they never ride any public transport at KL*

kitaorang main dekat indoor theme park and we had sooo much fun!! gelak-gelak, pening-pening, and best lahh! hehe. then we went to sungei wang and shopping! gila penat.

balik sampai rumah by 8 pm kot. sebab tunggu bas lama gila and sesak because hujan lebat. cehh.

on 3rd nov, nad and i sent adib to lcct air asia. then both of us epak-lepak at mcD while waiting for her brother to come ad bawak dia balik. *nad, aku balik sorang-sorang taw. huhu*

dipendekkan cerita, it was fun. penuh dengan cabaran, dugaan and we will never ever forget our trip together!

p/s: i'll post the pictures later due to some reasons. ok people. see ya!

kerinduan menjelma

well, this is my 1st post since the last almost 3 months. all my friends keep asking me "woi, bila nak update blog?" lol.
yela yela. nak update lahh nih. :))
since my last post, there are lots and lots of things happened. seriously. lots of thing that we did, legally and illegally.

i will try to recall back what had happened. (because i'm afraid i might missing something)

ok, i'll start with illegal things we did. heee :D *for those yang dah tahu, mesti tengah sengeh sorang-sorang. huhu.

1. ROADTRIP HARAM *this is what sabrina call*

honestly,we DID NOT planned all this. semuanya berlaku secara entah laa. actually, hanan and sab was discussing something, about how to go and get hanan's stuff and they did mentioned about renting a car. me and the other girls (housemates) were busy doing "girl's stuff" with mia. then aku dengan menyibuknya cakap "nak ikut!". but at that time i was kidding. saja-saja nak menyibuk. huhu. then sab was like, sure? betul nih? haa, jom laa.

shorcut, 5 of us joined the illegal roadtrip.

zaty (me) - saja menyibuk since i know how to drive manual. heheh
sabrina - the one who gave the idea of this thingy. huhu
hanan - she wanted to take her annual dinner dress at home.
eikin - she wanted to send her things at home.
nadzirah - she wanted to meet her friend (waktu tu laa) to give something.

*the rest can not follow because kereta tak muat. kebanyakan kereta sewa murah, kancil je maa.

after so many times we called people to ask about a car, we finally got one. manual. kancil. RM50 if i'm not mistaken. but this aunty said that we have to add another RM50. total RM100. she said that she will give that additional RM50 back after we return the car safely back to her.

after 5 of us discussed, we were like, yeah ok,sure. but that #%$&*!# car was"functioning" so well untill we have to returned the car back to the owner and took back our money. but luckily the aunty is so nice and she appologized. so we called another abang nih but his car got some probs laahh, hape lahh, so lastly we rent tommy's car. *i still remember the kembara.haha* (jahat betul kita nih)

we were supposed to start our journey at 6 pm. tapi banyak sangat halangan, and kitaorang leave kuantan pukul 10 pm wehh. i yang drive. dah laa hujan lebat time tuh. adoiii.. we stopped at R&R gambang and eat. then sab took over.

we arrived KL around 1 something a.m and we stopped at petronas. isi minyak. then we straight away go to hanan's house at bangi, selangor.


after salam salam her mom, we sit and wait for hanan who went upstairs. while waiting, sab, nad, eikin and i were laughing and laughing *tapi senyap-senyap lahh. gila ke apa nak gelak kuat-kuat pagi buta macam tuh. huhu. we were talking about nonsense stuff like nak baring atas kerusi then tidur lahh.. berebut hanan's brother and suruh duduk sebelah lahh.. padahal abang dia tengah syok tidur time tuh. haha. macam-macam. then bila hanan turun dengan mak dia, masing-masing duduk sopan balik. hahaha!

then, we continue our journey to senawang, negeri sembilan pulakk. to nad's friend's house. i took over pulakk. we arrived around 3 something near 4 a.m if i'm not mistaken. while waiting for nad, we took pictures using sab's fisheye! hehe. kitoarang kan gila gambar. lol.

near acap's house.sorry hanan. nih je gambar yang aku ada.

then we decided to go for drink and shisha since shisha was in plan. memang kitorang nak pergi shisha pun tapi dekat KL. but dah alang-alang dekat senawang kan. asyraf, nad's friend brought along panjang and ijai. his friends. we were talking and talking sampai tak sedar dah nak dekat pukul 6 pagi. but then, "panjang cakap check in check in". haha. not like what you think ok. they ask us to sleep somewhere first and start back our journey when the sun rise. but we're like, it's ok. we have to continue our roadtrip. and we gerak at 6.15 a.m if i'm not mistaken. *they paid for drinks and shisha.thanks!*

.................... *dah penat lahh menaip*

then we sab took over and i fall asleep. penat wehh.

when i woke up, we were at eikin's friend's house. it was 7 something almost 8 a.m. and i was like, uiks? cakap nak pergi jumpa abang eikin and bagi barang. but they told me something happened and eikin decided to put her stuff at her friend's house for a while. and sab told me and nad (yang tengah tak tahu apa-apa sebab tengah syok tidur) that we will take our break 1 hour at eikin's friend's house. a.k.a SLEEP! lol. eikin's friend's is a girl ok. not a guy. don't worry. they said that we will gerak at 9 a.m when her friend is ready for her class.

when i entered her room, it was cold temperature because she switch on the air-cond. the empty bed was like "meh laa baring atas aku. aku empuk. meh zaty..meh". i bet the rest felt the same as i did. hehe. then when her friend bagi green light, sab, hanan and i dah tak fikir apa-apa dah. terus FLAT TIDUR! but eikin and nad tak lena tidu because of the ayam berkokok. *plus diorang dah tidur lama wehh dalam kereta since masing-masing tak pandai bawak manual and tak ada lesen. huhu. and ble nak gerak pukul 9 tuh, katil tu macam "jangan laa pergiiii" huhuhu. kitaorang dihidangkan dengan makanan dan minuman panas and perghh, terisi perut yang kosong nih. huhu. thanks eikin's friend. we really really appreciate it.

then hanan took over. we went to sunway piramid and we decided to watch movie. we watched 500 days. a romentic comedy. then we go jalan-jalan and we decided to leave after the movie.

tandas sunway. tempat bersiap supaya tak nampak macam tak mandi 1 hari.

we conquer the cinema.

then we stop at gombak and eat. lapar sangat-sangat wehh.

then sab took over and we continue our journey back to kuantan. then we stopped at R&R temerloh if i'm not mistaken because i need to go to the toilet. then i took over pulakk.from there to kuantan supposed about 2 hours plus. but we took about 1 hour plus je because sab and i masing-masing drive 100 - 110 km/h ikut had yang diberi. lol.

then out of nowhere, tayar kereta pecah!!

luckily kitaorang dah lepas UMP and 23km ahead to kuantan. we called tommy (dia marah-marah because he thought we prank him) and he came and we have to push the car because battery kereta habis. adoiiii.

then we drove tommy's car back to bukit sekilau, our hostel. then he drove that kancil back to tak tahu lahh mana. we then returned back his car key and masuk hostel buat muka tak malu. because time tuh ada this one majlis dengan pengarah jengka. *tommy appologized sebab marah-marah*

we supposed arrive at 6 pm but since tayar pecah and stuff, we arrived at our hostel at 9 pm. malam tuh we lepak-lepak with 5 of us and recall back apa yang telah terjadi. and we laughed! hehe. we also did wrote 44 halangan yang ditempuh sepanjang roadtrip haram. haha!!

seriously, it's a memory that we will never forget. ever lahh wehh. you people must at least do it once in your lifetime. like us.

Fact :

  • 1st - 2nd oct 2009
  • 6 pm on 1st - 9 pm on 2nd
  • 27 hours journey
  • pergi balik more than 700km!!
  • 20 pitstops
  • 44 barriers
  • 5 hot chicks

aku da penat taip. nanti lahh sambung legal roadtrip aku, nad and dib pulakk. kali nih bukan haram punya okeh! lol.