Tuesday, 29 December 2009

to kelantan?

i checked my result to degree just now. like around 3 something kot. i will continue my degree in business economic. you know where?? KELANTAN! omg! seriously nak suruh aku duduk sana 3 tahun? like no way. so my dad cakap that he will try to masukkan aku dekat shah alam. ada je course aku tuh dekat shah alam.

but apa-apa pun, i'll go and register at kelantan first lahh kan. then only we'll discuss how. i mean, the shah alam thingy lahh kan.

i have to register on 29th of december which is today!! and the result just came out today!! *sigh*

so i'll go to kelantan tonight with my dad and will register tomorrow. esok pun boleh register.

ok lahh, hopefully orang-orang dekat sana ok je. and hopefully dapat tukar ke shah alam.

gtg now. need to pack some stuff to bring for tonight and tomorrow. then after register i'll be back home because there is no way i am going to join the minggu mesra thingy. the MMS, at least that is what they called.


*iklan kejap*

ouhh yea, he bought the indon sim card so that we can still contact. at least sms. dia sanggup! sweet kan? ^_^

ala, that sim card just cost him around rm5 - rm7 je. but still, the fact that he is willing to buy the sim card is still for me is sweet. don't you think so? :D
so far he is doing well. alhamdulillah :)

*iklan habis*

so, whish me luck people. and good luck to all my friends juga :)

p/s: i am NOT going to celebrate new year 2010 at kelantan. no way.

Monday, 28 December 2009


he went there for 8 days with the whole team. i sent him to KLIA yesterday. berat hati gila. but what to do. i have to. he'll be back on the 3rd of january. hopefully he'll be fine. which i know he will. tell you the truth, i am not expecting any special thing from him from bandung. i just want him to come back safely. that's it.

p/s: banyak gila plan untuk 2010. haha.


new year is coming..

p/s: can't wait. loads in mind. :))

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

korang tak takut ke?

hari nih boleh semak status permohonan ke program ijazah sarjana muda uitm. seriously aku takut gila. tadi check tapi dia cakap dibuka pada 5 petang nanti. aduhhh.. lagi lahh takut!

urmm boleh ke aku dapat pergi ijazah nanti? apa program yang akan ditawarkan dekat aku?

takut lahhh!! :((

aku harap aku dapat pergi ke program ijazah sarjana muda. ijazah apa, aku tawakal je. berserah je pada Allah. amin.

p/s: aku rindu dia.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


p/s: nak buat apa eyhh?

Saturday, 12 December 2009

you say?

i don't know why we all hang on to
something we know we better off
letting go.
it's like we're scared to lose
what we really don't even have.
some of us say we'd rather have something
than nothing at all,
but the truth is ..
to have something halfway
is harder than not having it at all
p/s : true uh

Thursday, 10 December 2009


pagi-pagi lagi aku dah online ..

i have two months plus of semester break before i continue my degree. so right now, i'm fucking bored. i cannot work cause my mum cakap "no need to work. stay at home and learn how to cook" and i was like "ye la ye la"


my two little brothers baru je lepas kena sunat couple days ago. seorang 7 tahun and seorang lagi 10 tahun. but both of them are having more less same height and size. alhamdulillah semua berjalan dengan lancar although ada lahh jerit-jerit and nagis-nangis. but just for a while je. as usual, they wear kain pelikat lahh.

agak cemburu because they received quite a number of money everytime people come and visit them. :)

and the funny part was, last night my youngest brother, aneq was whispering to my mum something. but my mum was like what? because he is still 3 years old so when he whisper, sometimes we couldn't understand. so he whispered again but this time slowly. and my mum was like, ohh okay. and he grabbed my cousin's hand and went upstairs.

few minutes after that, they went down but this time, aneq was wearing kain pelikat just like his two brothers. as if dia pun sunat jugak! hahaha. and dia turun perlahan-lahan sama macam abang-abang dia bila berjalan. lol.

then dia mula lahh nak malu-malu because kitaorang pandang dia and sengeh-sengeh. hehe.

macam-macam lahh adik-adik aku nih.

p/s: adik beradik ramai nih kadang-kadang menyakitkan hati tapi most of the time buat kita happy :))

Monday, 7 December 2009

adakah aku gila?

adakah aku gila
sekiranya aku cakap
hati aku dah dimiliki dia

adakah aku gila
sekiranya aku cakap
dia dah cukup sempurna untuk aku
walaupun aku tahu tiada siapa sempurna

adakah aku gila
sekiranya aku cakap
aku sanggup terima semua kekurangan dia
walaupun kadang kala ianya menyakitkan hati

adakah aku gila
sekiranya aku cakap
aku takut dia tinggalkan aku
sedangkan dia dah berjanji untuk setia

adakah aku gila
sekiranya aku cakap
aku sayang dia dan aku rindu dia
dan hidup aku tak lengkap tanpa dia

sekiranya ya aku gila
aku memilih untuk kekal begitu
kerana aku sanggup untuk bersama dia

p/s: nothing to say.fullstop.