Tuesday, 29 December 2009

to kelantan?

i checked my result to degree just now. like around 3 something kot. i will continue my degree in business economic. you know where?? KELANTAN! omg! seriously nak suruh aku duduk sana 3 tahun? like no way. so my dad cakap that he will try to masukkan aku dekat shah alam. ada je course aku tuh dekat shah alam.

but apa-apa pun, i'll go and register at kelantan first lahh kan. then only we'll discuss how. i mean, the shah alam thingy lahh kan.

i have to register on 29th of december which is today!! and the result just came out today!! *sigh*

so i'll go to kelantan tonight with my dad and will register tomorrow. esok pun boleh register.

ok lahh, hopefully orang-orang dekat sana ok je. and hopefully dapat tukar ke shah alam.

gtg now. need to pack some stuff to bring for tonight and tomorrow. then after register i'll be back home because there is no way i am going to join the minggu mesra thingy. the MMS, at least that is what they called.


*iklan kejap*

ouhh yea, he bought the indon sim card so that we can still contact. at least sms. dia sanggup! sweet kan? ^_^

ala, that sim card just cost him around rm5 - rm7 je. but still, the fact that he is willing to buy the sim card is still for me is sweet. don't you think so? :D
so far he is doing well. alhamdulillah :)

*iklan habis*

so, whish me luck people. and good luck to all my friends juga :)

p/s: i am NOT going to celebrate new year 2010 at kelantan. no way.

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  1. kiteorg kt kelantan x sambut tahun baru. kiteorg bce doa sambut 1431 je. :D