Sunday, 30 August 2009

kenapa orang tua tuh jahat sangat?

aku BENCI lahh dia !!!

p/s: neither my mum nor my dad ok.

52 years old

macam mana nak sambut merdeka tahun ni yehh? since dah tak ada fireworks tahun ni kan. so, rasanya macam malas nak keluar sebab tak tahu nak buat apa. tapi dalam kepala terlintas nak buat few things nih :
  • tengok underworld 3 dekat laptop
  • then tengok resident evil 1
  • then bila dah pukul 12 a.m, call mama and shout "merdeka" 3 kali kat dia. haha!
  • then sambung tengok resident evil 2
  • then borak dengan someone kejap bila dah pukul 2 a.m
  • then sahur
  • then tengok resident evil 3 pulak (kalau tak mengantuk lagi lahh)

hehe. senonoh kan? weeee~ :D

heyy people,

selamat menyambut merdeka!

and for malaysia,

  1. happy birthday!
  2. sweet 52 years old! haha
  3. ingat sikit, kau tu dah tua. =.="'

p/s: saya tak tahu nak cakap apa sebenarnya :))

Saturday, 29 August 2009

my darkest secret.

i just visited his blog just now.

he is my crush since i was little. since i was a kid. since i know how to like people. entah umur berapa entah tapi memang aku kecil lagi time tuh :)

anyway, the sad part is. he doesn't know that i have a crush on him. but the worst part is.. i didn't even have the guts to talk to him and we never talk! seriously. not even chatting. not even sms-ing. not even webcam-ing. yup. dah 19 tahun aku hidup, aku tak pernah cakap dengan dia selama nih.


he is my cousin. tapi yang jauh-jauh punya cousin. he is the son of my mom's cousin. kiranya dua pupu lahh nih. kot. huhu.

since i was a kid, everytime raya he will come to my grandmother's house with his family and his other cousin's. and each and everytime he came, i will pretend that he is not there. but while pretending, i will go and salam everyone and not him (malu lahh) and after that i will do stuff like clear up the table, watch television, play with my brother and cousins but at the same time i will take the chance to look at him when he is busy talking with other people like talking to his cousin for example. *i stayed with my grandmother since i was born. together with my family lahh.

gila lahh kan? yeaahh i know. haha.

tapi nak buat macam mana. dah he is cute. can't say no to not like him. :) *gatal betul.

he got this chinese look face, fair and tall. *at that time lahh.
now he is not that tall afterall. lol. but still a little bit taller than me. macam seinci macam tu. huhu.

then when i was 10, my family and i moved to klang, selangor. each and everytime i went back to penang for raya, only his family will come. not him. i don't know why. i wanted to ask someone but i'm afraid.

then when i was 16 maybe, my family and i went to his family's house. for raya. i was hoping to see him there. but he wasn't even there.

then i heard my mum asking his dad where is he. then his dad replied and told my mum that he is not in malaysia. he is in oversea, studying engineering. if im not mistaken. where? forgotten. sorry! hehe. but his dad showed his pictures that he sent to his parents. they even showed his girlfriend. hancur hati.

then only i said to myself "oh patut lahh tak nampak lama dah".

but now he is back. few years already.


last time i saw him, at my grandmother's house. last year's raya. he was sitting beside me when we all talking and chatting. my heart goes *dup dap dup dap* but we didn't talk! sad. i know. but he is still cute ;]

i found his blog at my mum's cousin's blog. and for quite sometime, i did go visit his blog. just to know his latest news. few months back, i found out that he has already engaged with his girlfriend. and i was like, hancur hati lagi. dah lah on the month of my birthday pulak tuhh. but i don't mind lahh cause she seems like a nice girl. lawa pun lawa.

but you know what?

just now i found out that he is getting married in 5 months! oh! hancur hati lagi dan lagi. *that is the reason why i am writing about him, here.

tapi tak apa lahh. i don't really mind though. i know he is cute and fair, educated, has apartment in sri hartamas that is quite expensive because of all the facilities like pool, gym, tennis court and so on, has a really great job with a good salary and cool life.

but he is just a crush. a crush that no one knows until the day i reveal, which is today. the crush that i never talk to. and the crush that will officially be hers in 5 months time.

p/s: he turns 25 by end of this year :)

~cheers!~ ^_^"'

Friday, 28 August 2009

you should watch

the actors and actresses together with the director, yasmin ahmad (red)

A talent search competition has matched two hearts - that of Melur, a Malay-mixed girl and an Indian male student, Mahesh. Melur, with her melodious voice, singing whilst playing the piano is one of the seven finalists of the Talentime competition of her school organised by Cikgu Adibah. Likewise Hafiz, enthralling with his vocalist talent while playing the guitar, dividing his time between school and mother, who is hospitalised for brain tumor.

It all started after Mahesh, amongst the students assigned to get the finalists to school for practice, delivered the notice of successful audition to Melur's house. His handsome looks attracted the girl. Early on of their relationship, tragedy struck Mahesh's family when his uncle Ganesh who had been the care-taker of the family since the loss of Mahesh's father, was stabbed to death on his wedding day. Melur thinking that Mahesh's silence was due to his grief over the tragedy became furious when she was continuously ignored. She regretted it however after Hafez revealed Mahesh's situation.

That changed Melur's perception of Mahesh. Likewise Mahesh, who grew comfortable with the presence of the girl who often quotes beautiful poetry. Mahesh, realizing that the relationship will be opposed, kept it hidden from his mother,still grieving over the death of Ganesh. Alas, the secret was exposed and Mahesh was assaulted before Melur's very eyes. Just a day before the competition, is Melur resilient enough to sing the poetic lyrics of her song when her heart is tormented by the thoughts of Mahesh? What about Mahesh who has found his first love? On Talentime night, everything unfolds.

i love this movie. seriously. i love the way yasmin ahmad brought the love, pain, jokes, happy and sad situation, all in one. i cried when i watched this movie. it touched me. no jokes people. seriously i cried. you should watched this movie. hayati cerita ni then you will understand what she was trying to bring in this movie.
why not you download this song 'i go by aizat'. then listen to it. you will get the picture of how this story goes. try lahh. tak rugi apa pun. tak menyesal punya. believe me :]
i love all her movies. sepet, gubra, mukhsin, mualaf (i haven't watched yet), and this, talentime.

p/s: the director of this movie had passed away on 25 July 2009. semoga arwah diberkati di sana. ~ al-fatihah

Tajuk/Lirik Lagu: Aku Punya Kamu
Penyanyi: Faizal Tahir

Saat kau tersenyum
Saat itu kau memberi
Saat ku rasa bahgia

Selama ku tersenyum
Selama itu ku memberi
Selama yang kamu di sini

Namun ku bicara hanya pada
Bulan dan suria
Tak ku punya cara
Untuk menyatakan cinta

Dan kamu
Hanyalah satu
Ku mahu ada kamu saja
Bisaku menunggumu
Selamanya aku milikmu
Takkan pernah lelahku menunggu
Hingga aku punya kamu..

Sesaat aku tiada
Saat itu yang ku rasa
Saat hidupku terlena

Selama yang kau ada
Selama itu ku rasa
Selama hidupku bahgia


Selama yang pernah
Ku merasa belum ada rasa yang ku rasa ini
Fahamilah cinta ku lebih dari cinta
Tiada mungkin aku kan teruja
Andai bukan kamu yang dihadapanku
Bisaku buktikan pada kamu….

Yang kamu hanyalah satu
Dan tak pernah lelah ku menunggumu
Hingga aku punya kamu.. uuuuu…. ahaa..

Aku milikmu
Takkan pernah lelah ku menunggu
Hingga aku punya kamu.. ooo.. yeaa….
Takkan pernah lelah ku menunggu
Hingga aku punya kamu….. kamu..
Hingga aku punya kamu

p/s: aku suka lagu ni. best. sweet.


means break fast. zafiq ajar. bahasa sabah bha :)

yesterday me, nad and adib went to ECM. nak berbuka puasa. we seriously craving for chicken chop. so we went to noodle station again :)

noodle station is already in our list for favorite places to eat ^^. we went there and met finie, nana and mia so we joined them and break fast together.

my drink. angel face. nice :)
you people should try one day.
ouhh yea, try pink guava lemonade too ^^

my food. chicken chop with french fries, coleslaw and egg. yummy!
maybe you can try noodle thai style. seriously sedap. my fav.

tak sabar dah taw tak.

from left..adib, nana and mia.
then finie, me and nad.

lepas kenyang, kitaorang berpecah. because three of us nak cari barang. well, you know girls. after we eat, we will go to the toilet right. so do us. hehe.
this is what we do.

muka gila. haha
then we had this one stupid idea. go and try skirts and take pictures in the fitting room! hehe. we went to brands outlet and each of us took one skirt and one kemeja. apa lagi, 'merenyam' lahh bak kata orang penang. (melawa) haha!

kami bertiga try baju dalam satu fitting room sahaja.




besties :)

then bosan dengan brands outlet, kitaorang pergi MNG pulakk. tapi since gambar tak lawa dengan dress yang tak lawa, so i decided not to post here. sorry. lol. kitaorang ambil gambar dengan baju kitaorang je lepas try dress-dress dekat situ :(

legs up baby ;]

p/s: ouhh yeaah. we had our fun with all those laughs and jokes.. do you?

sir AMAS

this is my economic lecturer. we call him sir AMAS. it stands for ahmad mazlan b ahmad samsudin. (maybe. because i don't know how to spell his father's name.sorry sir!)

ouhh yea, yesterday he wore this one smart batik shirt. he looked like menteri besar macam tu. hehe. so, i decided to take photos with him. although aku yang tengah buruk time tuh. urghh tak suka betul. =_="'

tapi finie cakap, "jangan wehh. malu aku" and i was like "ha,kalu ko malu lagi aku nak pergi buat" haha.

so i told adib that i want to take picture with him and she said that she wants to join. i was like, ok ok sure :)

so after the class ended, i went to him and :

me: sir, is it possible if i want to take picture with you?
sir: kat mana? boleh boleh.
me: dengan adib sekali. dalam class.

*he smiled all the time. macam malu-malu pun ada sebab student nak ambil gambar dengan dia. well, da dia smart time tuh. tak salah pun aku rasa kalau aku nak ambil gambar dengan dia. huhu ;]

sorry blur.

again, blur. please forgive the one who took the picture for us.

sorok-sorok ambil gambar dia. haha. khusyuk betul dia mengajar :)

our sir.

p/s: dia baru potong rambut tuh :]

sukanya saya :)

dah siap kerja mdm shatrah :))

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

i want to finish up my assignment tonight.

cloning - madam shatrah MTC 088
submit on this coming friday (28 august 2009)

hopefully dapat siapkan lahh :l

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


gila lahh.

adib dah ada blog! hehe :)

pergi lahh visit, okeh?

p/s: adib, chiayok! go go adib. hehe

Monday, 24 August 2009

ramadhan datang lagi :)

ramadhan telah tiba. bagi aku bulan nih bulan sejuk. sebab setiap kali bulan nih tiba, malam mesti sejuk. pagi pulak tak sepanas+terik sebelum nih.

bulan puasa nih boleh kurus :) [mission aku] hehe. orang cakap mulut orang berpuasa lagi wangi dari bunga kasturi. hmmm? wallahualam. mungkin. tapi jangan lahh pergi bau mulut sorang-sorang pulak lepas nih :))

aku harap korang semua termasuk aku lahh kan, akan puasa penuh [tolak dengan hari yang kitaorang yang perempuan nih di excusekan dari puasa lahh] dan tempuh dugaan dan cabaran sepanjang bulan nih dengan tabah. InsyaAllah.

1. Abu Hurairah menyatakan : Telah bersabda Rasulullah S.A.W yang bermaksud : Apabila telah tibanya Ramadhan, dibuka pintu-pintu syurga dan ditutup segala pintu neraka dan diikat segala syaitan. -Hadis dikeluarkan oleh imam Bukhari, Muslim, Nasai'e, Ahmad dan Baihaqi-

2. Daripada Abu Hurairah daripada Rasulullah S.A.W telah bersabda yang bermaksud :Sesiapa yang berpuasa Ramadhan dengan penuh keimanan dan keikhlasan nescaya akan diampuninya segala dosanya yang telah lalu. - Diriwayat oleh imam Nasai'e, Ibn majah, Ibn Habban dan Baihaqi-

ouhh, sedikit jokes. hari tu kitaorang ada borak-borak.
then seorang kawan aku nih tiba-tiba tanya something yang agak kelakar lahh jugak sampai kitaorang semua gelak terbahak-bahak. here it goes :

1: wehh, aku nak tanya nih.
2: apa?
1: kalau kita puasa,then kita kentut lebih dari dua kali..batal puasa yeh?

*all 8 of us laugh kuat kuat.

4: mana ada lahh. sapa cakap? mengarut je.
1: tak yeh? urmm tah la. aku dengar-dengar dulu. kecik-kecik.

*sambung gelak.

urmmm cmne lahh agaknya dia dulu kan? mana lahh tau dia percaya benda tuh and setiap kali dia puasa je, kentut tak boleh lebih dua kali. and dia tahan je. hurmmm? i wonder. who knows lahh kan. haha :))

ouhh yea, selamat berpuasa :)

amirul ashraf :)

dia nih dah jadi my adik angkat since aku form 3 and dia darjah 3.
aku still ingat waktu dia mintak aku jadi kakak angkat dia. dia guna kotak tisu yang dia koyak and tulis atas tuh. chumel sgt time tuh ^.^ dah lahh dia tuh kecik+kurus je time tuh.

time tuh we went to langkawi. lawatan sambil belajar thingy. his brother is my close friend. his mother was a dicipline teacher at that time. so she brought him together pergi trip tuh.

and sepanjang trip tuh, dia just ikut aku je. i asked "nak ikut ibu x? ke nak ikut akak?" and he replied, "nak ikut akak lahh". :)

sampai all my friends pun macam "yela yela, xpe la. kitaorang redha je. yela, bawak lahh dia. dia kan nak ikut kau". hehe

since that until lahh sekarang. although kitaorang jarang contact, busy lahh. but we still keep in touch :)

name: amirul ashraf bin md isa
age: 14 now.
d.o.b: 2nd of august 1995
p/s: saya sayang dia sangat-sangat :)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

H1N1 thingy

wear a mask for your safety please :)

forum mdm bai

our group presentation ;]

our topic was which country has the most prettiest girl in the world.
well, no one wins. it is just a forum discussion.

adib represented asian (the one wearing pink kebaya)

syazwan represented american (the red shirt guy)

finie represented middle eastern (the one wearing black jubah)

me, represented european (the one wearing hat)

it was fun ^^

trip to kelantan.

adib's house :))