Sunday, 24 January 2010

mengeluh dalam senyum

he's married.

wow. i can't believe i'm saying this but it is true. he is a happy married man. it has been almost 18 years now since i started to like him. dia lahh crush aku yang paling lama punya. dari aku kecik sampai lahh sekarang kottt..and now he's married.

i never even had a gut to talk to him apatah lagi to tell him that he is my crush. and he will never knows. let it be this way. i prefer it be this way. because nothing will change pun.

so, now i will start to stop like him as a crush and i will concentrate on this one fellow. my en.bantal peluk :)

ouhh yeaa, selamat pengantin baru untuk dia. semoga berbahagia selalu :)

p/s: fyi, he is OFFICIALLY mine now. ^_^

Sunday, 17 January 2010

kelantan highland

i've promised you all to show some pictures, remember? so, nah. tengok lahh. sepcial from kelantan highland. bak kata kak dayah laa. hehe.
macam mana lahh tak menggigil pagi-pagi.

on the way nak pergi class. *tengok kabus. tebal kan?

blok D. blok kuliah baru.

beruk pun banyak kat sini dowhh

time nak buat student card

my room :)
see.. pagi-pagi lagi kabus dah tebal. sejuk woo. malam pulak, sometimes i have to think twice either mandi ke tak. sebab sejuk gila. lagi-lagi kalau hujan. perghh, tak payah cakap laa. anyway, so far everything is good.
p/s: aku benci bila kena tipu.

Friday, 8 January 2010

i'm doing good lahh ^_^

it has been almost a week since i got here..

it was fun though. although at 1st when i knew that i have to come here i was a little bit upset, but now i think i can handle that. at 1st when i knew that it's kelantan, first thing that popped up in my mind was the environment. like, how on earth i will survive with kelantan's environment? because i have to stay here for 3 years!

but now, it's like..naaahh it's not that bad. minus the coldness that i have to face every morning and night, the stupid pendrive with 0 GB which it is suppose to be 2 GB which i bought it here (definitely i'm going to return it back and ask for my money back,duhhh), the big almost huge campus where i have to walk and walk and walk until i'm damn tired every day, and the 1 hour far to the city and with no cinema, i think i can handle my life here.. kot. haha. banyak betul benda yang aku minus-minuskan. haha

but yang bestnya, dekat sini ada keretapi. from here to KL, to singapore, and to mana-mana lagi entah. and i can get half price if i use my student card. hehe. gila tak sabar nak naik keretapi balik selangor. macam best je :)

ok, let's talk about room. my room.

urmm, nak cakap apa eyhh? ha. ok, ada 2 kolej (if i'm not mistaken). kira asrama lahh nih. 1 we call it kolej dato' onn. another one we call it kolej tuh hussein onn a.k.a THO. and there's 4 buildings in THO nih. THO1, THO2, THO3, THO4. mine is THO4-room 213. 4 in my room.

so far ok laa. semua best je. tak ada yang sombong or buat hal sendiri in my room. ok je. 1 is taking business finance and i call her kak mai. because although sama-sama 1st semester, she is older than me, 23 years old. another 1 is taking business marketing. same semester but since she is same age as kak mai, so i call her kak dayah. and last one is taking business economy same like me. same class and same age. i call her yana.

my class, since banyak sangat.. malas lahh nak cerita. haha. subject semua susah. banyak kira-kira. aduhhh! but what to do, belajar je laa. huhu

ohh yea, i did took some pictures. but i'll post later. because tak bawak card reader lahh.

dah tak tau nak cerita apa. so i think i'll stop here for now. lain kali kita cerita lagi okeh :)

p/s: aku doakan team dia menang malam esok. piala sumbangsih - N9 lwn selangor - tv1 - 8.45 mlm ;)