Sunday, 24 January 2010

mengeluh dalam senyum

he's married.

wow. i can't believe i'm saying this but it is true. he is a happy married man. it has been almost 18 years now since i started to like him. dia lahh crush aku yang paling lama punya. dari aku kecik sampai lahh sekarang kottt..and now he's married.

i never even had a gut to talk to him apatah lagi to tell him that he is my crush. and he will never knows. let it be this way. i prefer it be this way. because nothing will change pun.

so, now i will start to stop like him as a crush and i will concentrate on this one fellow. my en.bantal peluk :)

ouhh yeaa, selamat pengantin baru untuk dia. semoga berbahagia selalu :)

p/s: fyi, he is OFFICIALLY mine now. ^_^

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