Saturday, 20 March 2010

Trust or not trust?

it's a question for you to answer. if trust is your answer, then think. what if, when you trust that person and they betray your trust. what will you feel? what will you think? how will you react?

let me answer it for you. firstly you will feel like you've been betrayed. of course. then you will think that, how stupid you are because you give your trust but they betray it. right? and then you will regret you trust them. and you will at least hate then a little bit or senang cerita, menyampah. lagi-lagi, dah laa betray then add some other ramuan which make as if we are the bad one and they are the good one.

then you will buat bodoh je because you malas nak layan. or worse, you will go and serang them.

at least that was what i did. haha. nope. of course not. i'm the kind yang memang malas nak layan or panjang-panjangkan lagi cerita. so, buat bodoh je laa kan.

but if your answer is not trust, then think. what if they really loyal or they really faithful and never betray you. kan kesian sebab tak bagi peluang untuk percaya. what if they really are a good person? but since you have set in your mind to not trust them, you ignore instead of trusting them. kan kesian dekat diaorang tu.

well, this is life. whenever you trust a person, it migth not be like what you expected.

be a risk taker. you wil never know what is best for you if u never dare to try. you can trust a person but not 100% trust. what ever happens to you after yo make a decision, never regret. because it's life. what ever you do, is an experience for you to handle a better life in the future.

p/s: ada exam kesatria on monday. hopefully bukan dia yang jaga platun aku. kalu dia, mati laa. cuak beb. tak boleh focus aku. huhu